Tuesday, August 31, 2010

new blog?!

I've moved! To Blogger! I'm kind of excited about this, to be honest.

In case you randomly/accidentally stumbled across this blog, my name is Sabeen. I am your typical college student/foodie extraordinaire, and totally, utterly, inexplicably obsessed with baking. You can often find me sitting on my butt in my apartment studying while watching the Food Network [or maybe I should say watching the Food Network while pretending to study]. I have fantasies that Anthony Bourdain will one day ask me to appear on his show with him and take me to foreign countries so we can eat, chat, and discuss the shortcomings of mankind together. Or that Paula Deen will invite me onto her show and feed me desserts/my body weight in butter.

I've been blogging for 3 or so months now, though previously on tumblr. I felt like tumblr was a bit...I don't know...limiting. Or something. Very cute, and entertaining, but still, lacking.

I say all this as if I have a band of avid readers who care that I've switched domains. [I wish]. But I do appreciate those of you that have been reading! It gives me incentive to continue with this at all.

I'll probably post of some of my better recipes from the tumblr account over the course of the next few days [in between 'studying' for classes. also, if you scroll down you'll find my 'cream cheese swirl brownies' recipe!], and am hoping for a successful cooking weekend coming up. Be on the lookout!




  2. Hey Sabeen,
    The brownies pic is as good as they tasted.I think we should include it to our desserts menu for eid.What do you say?Plus the cupcakes.You'll be making both.Thanks.I knew i could count on you.Love.Kiss.

  3. It told me to spell lloppot.What the heck?

  4. Am I your favorite follower??

    p.s. Your mom's comments are the best!! Good comments Mrs.Ahmed!!

  5. Please chop your veggies carefully.I sliced off half a nail this morning slicing onions!And the freaky thing is, i couldn't find where it went.
    Anyhoos the house is smelling of onions and so am I.Good luck cooking dinner for your friends tomorrow.Kissssssssss
    And oh please open the window a crack if you are doing any frying.My pearls of wisdom will take you a long way!

  6. This time i had to spell 'cletri'.What the


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