Sunday, September 5, 2010

miso hungry! [not]

Cooking with friends is definitely one of the best joys in life. Honestly.

It also helps when what you cook turns out to be delicious. 

Now, I'm going to be straight with you. This isn't going to be a recipe post. It's going to be an excuse for me to put up a lot of pictures of a lot of delicious food. [photos are mine, but 35mm 1:1.8 lens courtesy of Kevin. who better watch out because I may have to steal it. I'm so in love.].

It was a busy day. Spent a few hours this afternoon at Carter Mountain picking apples, and then ran back and forth from the Downtown Mall to "Cville Oriental Market" to a different Asian market to Kroger, all to get supplies for tonight's dinner.

Started off with a delicious miso soup that Farnoosh made [and I even liked the tofu! so kudos to you, Noosh]. Didn't have scallions, unfortunately, but tossed in some baby bella mushrooms and seaweed. Very good.

Then for main course[s], kimbap! Basically sushi, but Kevin wanted me to use the real name for it. Sticky rice, cucumber, pickled gourd, and egg all wrapped up in nori. Most of them were perfectly crafted by Daniel. Although he did show me how to make it, and I did fashion an entire roll [almost] by myself!

Admittedly, we went a little carried away with the egg. And ended up with far more kimbap than we could handle. But at least now Noosh and I have got dinner for tomorrow! ...and the rest of our lives.
Meanwhile, Kevin made some Korean BBQ beef.

Which has a proper name, but for the life of me I don't remember what it's called/how to spell it. [this just in, Kevin says its "kalbi." so, there you go!] The main point is that it was excellent. Tangy, not too tough, and nomnommy.

And we had a gorgeous presentation for it all. Especially these wasabi leaves and gourd rose that Farnoosh crafted. Just beautiful! I'm so impressed.

It was quite a meal. And we had some pretttty delicious dessert that I made [deep dish apple pie using the golden supreme apples we picked earlier in the day]. But that will come in a separate post [and yes, I'll put up the recipe!]

Not gonna lie though, I'm so full that I wish Ramadan was going to go on for another two months just so I could fast off all of this food.

Ugh. The price you pay for deliciousness. Life can be cruel.

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